First Acoustic Night – 31st August 2018

Hello! I just wanted to take a moment to thank everybody for last night! What an amazing first night! I loved every single minute of it! & I really hope everyone enjoyed themselves! I can’t thank everyone enough, I was absolutely overwhelmed by all of the support from you all! & all your amazing comments & feedback 💜 The turn out was absolutely fantastic! I can’t believe how many people were in my little cafe 😂 Thank you so so much everyone for coming to my first event it meant so much to me 😊🙏 & thank you to my amazing team! You were all absolutely unreal & I’ve had so so many lovely comments about you all! So thank you for working so hard to make it such a fabulous night! 👭👭👭 Dave Mason you were fantastic! thank you so much for entertaining us all & Kez ..well, you were amazing 💜you went above and beyond and I am just so grateful for everything you’ve done for me! 😘 & last but not least I’d like to say a massive thank you to my amazing family & fabulous friends, for all of your support ..even through my stressing & organising and for everything you do 💜 …and of course for my beautiful gift off my Rebecca ☺️ I apologise for the massive soppy status but I’m just so sooo happy, my dreams & my visions for the cafe are all starting to come to life & I already can’t wait to start planning the next event for you all & I’ll try my best to make them better & better every time!! 😊😊 I’ll keep you updated with upcoming events on our Facebook page, so please follow us on our Orton Grange Cafe & Gifts Ltd. page! 😊 ..til the next one! 😃😃see you soon! xxxxxx

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